The Extinct & Endangered exhibition is available to licence for public display and the size requirement is flexible for all museums or galleries wishing to show the project. With the licence-to-print option the show can be designed to perfectly suit the size and layout of your venue, providing a unique visual experience for your audience. Included within the hire package is the interactive website, project video and scientific captions.

For further information please contact Matt Heenan at the American Museum of Natural History - mheenan@amnh.org
(+1) 212-769-5131


New York, USA
22nd June 2022

The inaugural exhibition of Extinct & Endangered is held at the prestigious American Museum of Natural History in New York, USA. The 40 images by Levon Biss will be displayed as large format prints within the Akeley Gallery and the adjacent East Galleria. Also on display are scientific captions for the insects providing information on their conservation status, location and ecological role, plus an interactive digital app displayed on a giant touchscreen allowing the audience to zoom into the photographs and explore the exquisite detail.