Extinct and Endangered was always a hugely ambitious project and the results belong to a large team of dedicated and talented individuals who unsparingly gave their energy and expertise.

First, I’d like to thank the American Museum of Natural History and say it was a privilege to partner with you on Extinct and Endangered. In particular, I wish to express my gratitude to Lauri Halderman, who championed the project from day one with unfaltering energy. My only regret is that I cannot work with Lauri on all my projects. Dr. David Grimaldi stepped up as the enthusiastic Entomology lead curator, while Eliza McCarthy crafted the story of each species in writing that is clear and vivid.

I’m grateful to many others at AMNH whose talents also made this project possible: daily project coordination by Dina Langis, deft editing by Sasha Nemecek, striking exhibition graphics and exhibition layout by Catharine Weese and Nicole Fox, exhibition design by Michael Meister and Ciné Ostrow, in-gallery digital interactive support by Brett Peterson and Ariel Nevarez, exhibition installation coordination by Dean Markosian, creation of the website by Jane Levenson, the Extinct and Endangered video by Erin Chapman and Jane Levenson, management of the traveling exhibition by Jenn Chow and Matt Heenan, project research by Debra Everett-Lane and Allison Hollinger, and exhibition project management by Melissa Posen.

Additional curatorial expertise was provided by Dr. James Carpenter, Dr. Lee Herman and Dr. Jessica Ware. Scientific support in research, specimen preparation and permitting came from Christine Johnson, Christine LeBeau, Ruth Salas, Corey Smith, and especially Suzanne Rab Green, whose dedication to this project was exceptional. Registrars Stephanie Carson and Heather Knapp facilitated international specimen loans; Denis Finnin, Corey Smith and Stephen Thurston photographed specimens; Rhea Gordon provided legal support; and Dr. Michael Novacek and Dr. Scott Schaefer advised at key moments. Jennifer Caragiulo ably stewarded the project on behalf of AMNH institutional advancement.

Beyond those at the Museum, the website and digital app were created by the London-based agency Between Friends and James Steel at Hash&Salt. Large-scale photographic prints for the AMNH exhibition were made by Laumont Photographics.

Once again I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. James Hogan of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. James selflessly agreed to receive all the specimens sent to the UK, and his willingness to come to our rescue—during a pandemic—made these photographs possible.

New specimens of four captive-bred insect species were donated to the AMNH collections specifically for this project. Special thanks for these go to Dr. Rodger Gwiazdowski, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Lou Perrotti, Roger Williams Park Zoo; Dr. John Losey and Dr. Todd Ugine, Cornell University; and Paige Howorth, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, with the support of Hank Bower, Lord Howe Island Board.

At Abrams, my New York book publisher, the passion and expertise of editor Eric Himmel elevated the Extinct and Endangered book to a new level, while art director Darilynn Carnes provided the elegant graphic design.

Importantly, without the generous funding of Robert & Ipek Gibbins and Autonomy Capital Extinct and Endangered simply would not have been possible. You believed in the project from the very start and stuck with us through challenging times. I will always be grateful.

Finally, I wish to thank Isla, Seb and Elli. As always, your support whilst I embark on these long projects is invaluable, as you just make everything that little bit easier.

Levon Biss